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Would you like to work with Specific Chiropractic?

Doctoral Students 


Dr. Evan J. Hasson has a passion for helping students grow into doctors of Specific Chiropractic. 


Are you currently in Chiropractic College and  passionate about getting sick people well through Specific Chiropractic?  You need to contact Dr. Evan J. Hasson at his Boca Raton practice.


Dr. Hasson is a firm believer in working together for the greater good of his community, and the World. 


There are plenty of opportunities in place for students to shadow, intern, and matriculate into practice as part of the Specific Chiropractic Team.

                             Apply Here




Review the Teaching Modules

Chiropractic Advocates and Patients


Has  Specific Chiropractic changed your life or the lives of your friends and family?


We want to hear your story.


Our community and the rest of the World needs to know!  Contact Dr. Evan J. Hasson at Specific Chiropractic of Boca Raton. 






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