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Chiropractors and Students of Chiropractic



Do you want to learn how to assess and correct the upper cervical spine with confidence and consistent results? Our office has developed procedures that has provided patients with excellent results in taking pressure off their nervous system by correcting their upper cervicals spine.


Most Upper Cervical procedures like NUCCA, Grostic, Advanced Orthogonal, Toggle, Knee Chest, Blair require x-rays for their initial correction or adjustment, they all do a great job in their respective procedures. 


What if the patient was pregnant or had other contraindications for radiographic imaging of the cervical spine? 


All Upper Cervical Chiropractors that are set in their procedures need an alternate technique and examination for patients who are unable to be radiographed. This may be helpful in practice for you.


Review our Teaching Modules that take place at the Specific Chiropractic Headquarters in Boca Raton, FL.  We have Chiropractors and interns come to Boca Raton, FL that contribute and learn this work. 

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