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Boca Raton Specific Chiropractic May Help Disc Herniation and Disc Bulge


According to WebMD:


Wear and tear, also called disc degeneration, is the usual cause of a herniated disc . As we age, the discs in our back lose some of the fluid that helps them stay flexible. The outer layer of the discs can form tiny tears or cracks. The thick gel inside the disc may be forced out through those cracks and cause the disc to bulge or break open.


This can also happen when you injure your back. Injury can occur from:

  • A sudden heavy strain or increased pressure to the lower back. Sometimes a sudden twisting movement or even a sneeze will force some of the material out.

  • Activities that are done over and over again that may stress the lower back, including poor lifting habits, prolonged exposure to vibration, and sports-related injuries.


While Specific Chiropractic does not directly treat the disc herniation or disc bulge, it may help increase your ability to overcome these symptoms by decreasing stress to your nervous system and improving overall function. When your nervous system is stressed and your muscles are tight and stiff you are placing abnormal strain throughout your neck and and back. This strain increases your risk and likelihood of you injuring your neck and back which may lead to disc herniations, disc bulges, or worse.


Our doctors in Boca Raton may help disc herniations and disc buldges while offering relief through their specific approach to health care.



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