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I don't have symptoms, should I still get checked? 


Yes, many patients choose to get an examination before they experience symptoms. This is a smart decision and is exactly what the doctor recommends. You can have pressure on your nervous system and not have noticeable symptoms and likewise, you can have pressure in your nerve system and have several symptoms.


The symptoms of a heart attack first begin while you are having a heart attack. Be smart about your health... get your spine examined in our office. Prevention is ALWAYS ideal. 


I'm an athlete, can Specific Chiropractic give me the edge?


YES, as an athlete it is sometimes difficult to differentiate between regular soreness, and symptoms of an underlying cause. 


All athletes must be examined weekly (atleast) and adjusted if necessary, especially during season. You want to function with a clear nervous system during all aspects of practice and gametime.


Imagine this: running, jumping, and tackling (or getting tackled) with a abnormal weakness in your arms, legs, and core....Not good! You want to prevent injury every chance you can get. 


If you're an athlete call our office to get examined immediately. 


I have had neck surgery, can you help me?


Yes, we will examine your case and make a decision based off your history. We have had many patients with neck surgeries, fusions, etc. We are very safe when it comes to the type of care we provide.


Do you take my insurance?


Bring your insurance card into our office and we will verify it. Whether or not your insurance company contributes to your health, we provide affordable care to help you get better immediately. 


We have found that our out-of-network prices gives our patients and doctors the freedom to prescribe the proper plan of care per individual person at a cost lower than most insurance co-pays.


When will I notice improvement from my Specific adjustment?


Most patients experience immediate changes from the first specfic adjustment.

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