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Boca Raton Chiropractor Developed a Unique Nervous System Quiz



Nervous System Quiz – How Healthy Is My Nervous System?


Read the statements below and give yourself one point for all that apply to you.


_ I have difficulty getting a restful night’s sleep.

_ I get sick more often than my friends and family.

_ I feel tired more often than not.

_ I feel pain and or stiffness in my neck, back, and/or shoulders.

_ I am irritable.

_ I have digestion issues.

_ I feel like my body leans to one side.

_ I feel uncomfortable lying down, sitting up, and/or standing.

_ I feel like half my body is stronger than the other half.

_ I have bad posture.

_ I get headaches, migraines, or face pains.

_ I have a “cloudy” or “foggy brain.”

_ I feel anxious.

_ I feel depressed.

_ I have trouble focusing.


Rules: Add up all of your points and follow the instructions:


  • If you scored 0, then keep up the good work and come visit our East Boca office and introduce yourself. 


  • If you scored 1-3, then it will be a smart idea to get your nervous system and spine examined. You may be in the early phases of spinal degeneration and your nervous system is stressed.


  • If you scored 4 or more then you need to make an appointment for a consultation in our office. Most people that experience these symptoms have underlying causes that may be fixable before you get worse. Please contact our East Boca office for a consultation, we can help you. 


If possible, please print out this form and bring in with your score for the doctor to review.


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