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Chiropractor For Tinnitus/Meniere's Disease in Boca Raton, Florida

Specific Chiropractic of Boca Raton May Be Able To Help Meniere's Disease and Tinnitus Symptoms.


There have been recent studies that show Meniere's disease may be related to blood flow and neurological disturbances which lead to symptoms often medically diagnosed as Meniere's and that Chiropractic care, specifically Upper Cervical adjustments, may be able to alleviate the symptoms of Meniere's Disease.


While Specific Chiropractic does not directly treat Meniere's disease, our Boca Raton Doctors may help you increase your ability to overcome these symptoms by decreasing stress to your nervous system and improving overall function of balance, blood flow and thereby reducing the symptoms of tinnitus like hearing loss, nausea, vomiting, and headaches.



What is Meniere’s Disease?

Meniere’s Disease is a chronic disorder that causes an often debilitating ringing or buzzing in the inner ear that can lead to headaches and vertigo. The cause of Meniere's Disease, also known as Tinnitus, is unknown, though many scientists believe it is caused by changes in the fluid of the inner ear tubes. Other hypotheses include allergies, autoimmune diseases, and genetics.


What are the symptoms of Meniere’s Disease?

The most common symptoms of Meniere's Disease/Tinnitus include:

  • Dizziness/Imbalance/Vertigo

  • Loss of hearing in one ear

  • Nausea and vomiting

  • Headaches

  • Aural fullness (the feeling of a clogged or blocked ear canal)

How can Specific Chiropractic help with my Meniere's Disease?

At Specific Chiropractic of Boca Raton, we've helped dozens of patients who suffer from Tinnitus. We do this by performing gentle, specific adjustments to the upper spine which in turn relieve pressure on the nerves in and around your effected ear. Several patients have noticed immediate relief after their first chiropractic adjustment, though it may take longer for others depending on the severity of the case.

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