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Cause and Effect -- Lesson of a Lifetime

Cause and Effect ...a lesson for Life.

How WE are physically organized: Your body's cells make up your body's tissues that make up your body's organs that make up your body's organ systems that make YOU!

Your body's cells die off and rebuild in cycles.

Red Blood Cells take 120 Days White Blood Cells take >12 Months Skin Cells take 2 to 3 Weeks Colon Cells take 3 to 4 Days Sperm Cells take 3 Days Nails take 6 to 10 Months Hair takes 3 to 6 Years Your cells must rebuild properly -- or disorder and health problems may develop within your body. Your brain and nervous system control the rebuilding process.

Why should you care? Every cell in your body is fundamentally controlled by your brain and nervous system. Your neck and back shift out of alignment and obstruct your brain and body communication systems at the level of the cell. This leads to dysfunctional cells building dysfunctional tissuesbuilding dysfunctional organs building a dysfunctional YOU. This is a big deal - especially because pain is not usually the first symptom. What happens when your cells are not working properly? Remember: Your body's cells make up your body's tissues that make up your body's organs that make up your body's organ systems that make YOU! A lack of proper communication in your body leads to:

- Dis-ease

- Dysfunction - Disharmony - Disorder - Disaster - Effects

This eventually may lead to diseases, pain, and suffering. Liver Problems Kidney Problems Mental Problems Digestion Problems Immune System Problems Neurological Problems Breathing Problems Cancer Problems LIFE PROBLEMS

If every cell in your body was doing its job -- how often can you expect to get sick?

Something to think about...

  • Does diabetes make you sick or are you sick and became a diabetic?

  • Does cancer make you sick or are you sick and developed cancer?

  • Does the cold or flu get you sick or did you get the cold and flu because you were sick?

  • Does asthma get you sick or where you sick and developed asthma

Why Am I Sharing This? In our office we correct the fundamental CAUSE of this dysfunction. We deliver that adjustment which helps to restore proper communication between your brain and all of you, your family, your friends, and your neighbors. We do not make claims to cure ANY disease. We do not cure diseases. We remove the obstructions between your brain and body to help facilitate HEALTH. We are not an alternative to medicine, acupuncture, or physical therapy. Specific Chiropractic is meant to optimize your life - so you and your loved ones can LIVE better. If this message made sense to you - tell everyone. "You never know how far reaching something you think, say or do today, will affect the lives of millions tomorrow." Chiropractially yours, Dr. Evan J. Hasson Specific Chiropractor 561-571-2468

PLEASE NOTE: We will be closed December 23,24,25,25,27, 30,31 January 1,2,3. Resuming normal practice hours January 4, 2016 Also - we will be having our Grand Opening January 20 ,2016 --- Stay tuned.

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