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Wednesday Orientations -- We're Back!

As 2016 began we thought and thought about what we should do to develop our practice to reach more people while enhancing our community (we're all about service). Here is what we came up with... In 2015 we began practice -- since then we have had several requests for me to hold short lectures/orientations in our office explaining what we do, how we do it, and why! The reason for adding this service will be for us to reach more people in efforts of bettering our community. We do not give medication, we do not perform surgery -- we correct misalignments in your upper neck and back to take pressure and stress off your entire nerve system. This is a big deal -- and this orientation will help express just that... A stressed nerve system can cause secondary problems -- anything from behavior irregularities, immune system dysfunction, neurological disorders, breathing issues, menstrual irregularity, digestion problems, and of course pain and stiffness anywhere in the body. Can you imagine your friends, family, police officers, your kid's teachers, even your doctors in our community living a life with a stressed nerve system. When is it EVER okay to have pressure and stress on your nerve system? Now, imagine these same people without the stress on their nerve system-- their lives will improve right? Yes -- without a doubt! If their lives improve, who else can we expect to see improvement in their life? You, your family, me, and everyone else -- either directly or indirectly. Think --ripple effect. Hmm.... I think the possibilities could be beautiful. Imagine people smiling more, laughing more, less pain, less moodiness, less irritability, less crime, less sickness, less problems. Remember, if more people lived better with less stress on their nerve system-- then more people will indeed live better -- and our community will become even more GREAT! We will start off with weekly orientations. Think of everyone you know that may benefit from this type of care -- and invite them! These orientations are short and to the point --- I will offer complimentary spine screenings to attendees that want to see if they have a problem. The orientation itself will not exceed 15 minutes. Takes place Wednesday at 6 pm in our Boca office. Next, I was recently inducted into the Boca Raton Rotary Club where I will be learning from the leaders in our community while joining them to help create positive, lasting change in our communities and around the world. I am looking forward to seeing how this develops. Join me this year on this mission -- Passionately yours, Dr. Evan J. Hasson Specific Chiropractor

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