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A Different Approach For You

We Do Things Differently

Many of our current patients have had postive things to say about Specific Chiropractic since they started with us!

"You were very specific and gentle in your adjustment!"

"I feel more relaxed after your adjustments"

"Why didn't I know about this type of Chiropractic Care?

As we all know, there are many Chiropractors in the area. As in every profession, each doctor's approach varies based off their experiences, training, and philosophy. Not one doctor matches every patient they care for-- which is why you need to shop around for the doctor that suites you!

We invite you to our weekly presentations and office tour to learn why we are different.

Meet Dr. Evan J. Hasson and really find out what Specific Chiropractic represents.

RSVP by calling Ryan @ 561-571-2468

Refreshments will be provided!

Learn how we can help you and your family live a life with less sickness, pain, and discomfort.

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