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My Shoulder Hurts!

Shoulder pain and discomfort is an very common complaint. It can result from a injury or can develop gradually as time progresses. Shoulder problems often get worse during activities and overuse, and may also interfere with your rest or sleep at night.

Being an active person in Boca Raton you need your shoulders.

Many causes of shoulder pain can be alleviated with activity modification, specific shoulder exercises and anti-inflammatory medications.

BUT ...

You are not looking to change our activity, or take medications. You want to correct the cause of shoulder pain!

Right? Right!

It is important to make an accurate diagnosis of the cause of the symptoms so that it can be treated effectively. Some common causes of shoulder pain include impingement syndrome, rotator cuff tears, frozen shoulder and arthritis. Pain can also be caused by a pinched nerve in the neck.


Most non trauma related shoulder problems stem from your neck and back shifting out of alignment. Obviously, if your body shifts out of alignment your muscles are twisted and will eventually begin to give you symptoms, (ie should pain, stiffness, and discomfort) which will further lead to and INCREASED chance of tear to your rotator cuff, or worse.

Are you looking for the cause to be corrected -- without surgery or medication?

Common treatments for shoulder problems may include:

Physical Therapy by a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy


Pills and Creams by over the counter or by your doctor's prescriptions.

Surgery by Shoulder Specialist or Shoulder Doctors

Massage by a Massage Therapist

Neither of these treatments correct the cause of your shoulder problem (if the cause is from your neck shifting out of alignment)

My neck is sore.

My neck is stiff.

My shoulder hurts.

One shoulder is higher than the other shoulder.

I can't lift my arm.

My upper back hurts.

My upper back hurts when I lay down.

My body feels out of alignment.

My shoulder hurts when I bench.

My shoulder is aching.

My shoulder is popping.

My shoulder hurts when I lay down.

If you find yourself saying similar things about your shoulder or your body.

There are many shoulder doctors out there and it is our recommendation that everyone with a shoulder problem be seen and examined by Specific Chiropractor to determine if the cause is indeed from the neck shifting out of alignment.

This will save you time and money... and possibly surgery.

Schedule a complimentary consultation with our Boca Raton Chiropractic Center to see if we can help you.

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