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Florida Atlantic University | Boca Raton College Internships

As I approached my final semester at FAU majoring in Healthcare Administration, I was required to join a Health organization on an internship based level. At that time I did not have a practicum site in mind but that soon changed. While speaking with a lifelong friend and native to Boca Raton I explained my current situation and attempts at seeking an internship. Without hesitation he told me he had just the place, this was because he was involved in the community outreach program at this chiropractic office. He explained that they were seeking an intern who was knowledgeable, professional and determined. As we spoke he insisted that I would be a perfect candidate for this location. Soon after, I was put into contact with Doctor Evan Hasson. Chiropractor, FAU Alumni and a charismatic individual in the community. We set up an interview date in order to see if I was someone eligible for the position.

A few days later I walked into the office of Specific Chiropractic, upon entry I could not help but start to grin. The office was a beautiful, modern styled suite that was well lit, clean and welcoming. Doctor Hasson greeted me with open arms. We initially introduced ourselves and he showed me around the office. I explained to him that I was a senior at FAU enrolled in my last class before graduation and I was required to be involved in a practicum site with a preceptor to oversee my daily activities. He told me that this would be an awesome experience for the both of us, since I would be the first intern at the office. We agreed that I was fit for duty and he scheduled me to start the following week.

An array of emotions were realized shortly after departing from our first meeting. A sense of excitement to officially be involved in a healthcare facility for the first time. Nervousness, hoping that I would meet the doctor and patients expectations and appreciation that I was granted the opportunity to become a team member at Specific Chiropractic.

Throughout the four-month internship I was immersed into the realm of Healthcare, though I was just getting my feet wet this would be an essential experience to further my knowledge and build myself as a business prospect for future endeavors. I was directly involved with patient interactions, community outreach and specific office tasks. I was happy that I was finally able to apply the skills learned throughout my undergraduate years in a real healthcare setting.

One of the most remarkable parts of this internship was listening to patient testimonials. I would literally witness patients walk into the office with pain and walk out with significant relief. After speaking with patients that abided by Doctor Evans care regiment, it was evident that this type of holistic care was working. These results are testament to the science and practice of Upper Cervical Care. I was humbled to take part in the journey to wellness for so many individuals.

The last four months have been a tangible experience, I have been introduced to one sector in the vast healthcare industry. Doctor Evan has showed me how to portray professionalism, leadership and charisma while enhancing the community. Being a recent graduate from Florida Atlantic University I am excited for what the future holds. I will continue to uphold the values and ethics I’ve learned working in tandem with Doctor Evan and will represent FAU as a proud Alumni.

Bruce M.

FAU Alumni, Class of 2016

Specific Chiropractic Intern 1

For Internship opportunities with Specific Chiropractic of Boca Raton:

Call: 561-571-2468

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