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Boca Raton Chiropractor | First Experience with a Chiropractor

As someone who has never gone to a specific chiropractor, I was very curious to see how this type of care could change my health. I know several people who get treated regularly and see immediate results and improvements in their health. I have never experienced any major neck or back pain but after learning that sometimes spinal issues can present themselves through other symptoms I realized that chiropractic care could be beneficial for me. Prior to treatment I had minor aches and pains, dealt with mild anxiety, and difficulty sleeping. All these things were minor annoyances that I believed to be a result of normal every day life.

As I became used to these issues I did not take much time to think about how much better I would feel if these things were treated or a cause was found. After an initial exam with Dr. Evan Hasson I learned that I had complex neck misalignment. As a result of this misalignment, the rest of my spine could have been affected and been thrown out of alignment as well. This misalignment is almost like a domino effect where one issue leads to another and then another. Without even knowing it, this one issue in my neck was the cause of so many other things I was experiencing. After being adjusted, I noticed that I felt much lighter and moved easier. The next day, I began to breathe easier, much deeper relaxed breaths that made me feel more at ease then my usual shallow breathing. After a few nights I realized that I had been finally sleeping comfortably, through the whole night rather than waking up every few hours. I felt more at ease and my body more relaxed and ache free.

This was a wonderful experience that I would highly recommend Dr. Evan Hasson to anyone looking for solutions to any health issues and concerns they may have. It is a great alternative to pain medication, invasive procedures, and temporary pain relief solutions. It truly does correct the underlying cause.



First Time Patient

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