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Migraine Doctor | Migraine Treatment Boca Raton

Migraines are something many people experience but do not talk about and often go diagnosed and mistreated. Many of our friends and family mistake what they are experiencing as just a typical headache. Migraines are often a chronic occurrence that are disruptive to daily living. While migraines are believed to be triggered by genetic makeup and external environmental factors, there are several different things that can cause the onset of an attack. Some of the most common factors associated with migraine sufferers are genetics, whether you are male or female, hormonal fluctuations in the body, and sometimes age. Now, there is growing evidence that posture, and structural alignment may also contribute to migraine – like symptoms.

Migraines exhibit similar effects and symptoms of a headache but are much more intense and severe. Scientists, physicians, and neck migraine doctors say that the onset of an attack can be predicted from 24 to 48 hours before. Mood swings, appetite changes, neck stiffness and pain. Most people may also feel sensitivity to light and noise. Vomiting, and vision changes can all be used to alert to a possible attack.

The pain experienced during a migraine may be due to chemical imbalance in the brainstem that dramatically changes brain activity. As a result of these imbalances, serotonin levels drop and sends neuropeptides to the outer part of the brain, causing the pain. Migraine sufferers typically tend to be female. Males also experience migraines, but usually grow out of them by the time they hit puberty.

The hormonal factors involved in migraines are typically more present in females due to the cyclic hormonal activity that regularly takes place. Migraines have the potential to be debilitating and it is important to recognize the symptoms and best way to manage them.

Since migraine triggers vary from person to person, it is beneficial to not just treat the symptoms, but find the direct cause and try to fix it.

If you have tried “everything” to manage, or even cure your migraines and have not found success… We recommend you consider your having your upper spine assesed by our neck doctors.

Here at Specific Chiropractic, we provide complimentary consultations and screenings to evaluate if you have a spinal issue that is contributing to your symptoms. If you are a candidate for care, you will be receive Specific Chiropractic adjustments tailored to your needs. Pressure and stress is relieved from the spine and nervous system almost instantly. You body will be functioning better than before, and hopefully you may have found the answers to your migraine suffering. If you are experiencing migraines or headache and are looking for treatment options, feel free to stop in to our Boca Raton Chiropractor’s office and see if we can help.

You can call 561-571-2468 and schedule as soon as possible.

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