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Welcome To Functional Specific Chiropractic Training


Dr. Evan J. Hasson has learned various techniques and procedures to assess and correct the upper cervical subluxation.

Through neurological examination, functional assessments, and knowledge of other upper cervical camps, a procedure was developed to accurately correct the upper cervical spine.  We have developed learning modules to teach students and field doctors what we have found to work clinically and consistently. 


Most Upper Cervical procedures like NUCCA, Grostic, Advanced Orthogonal, Toggle, Knee Chest, Blair require x-rays for their initial correction or adjustment, they all do a great job in their respective procedures. This procedure is not meant to replace any other upper cervical procedure or technique - rather to supplement the upper cervical procedure in hard to "care for patients" or (for lack of better terms) hard to "treat" patients. As a matter of fact, diversified practioners will benefit more than any Chiropractor out there.


What if the patient was pregnant or have other contraindications for radiographic imaging of the cervical spine? 


All Upper Cervical Specific Chiropractors that are set in their procedures need an alternate technique and examination for patients who are unable to be radiographed. This may be helpful in practice for you and them. 


All Chiropractors need to learn a procedure to assess the upper cervical spine with specificity. To be as accurate and objective as possible for the  pre and post neurological examinations is important to any and all doctors who care for their patient's health and well being. This procedure is a must learn, especially if you have never learned  upper cervical techniques in school, or while practicing at seminars. 



Basic Certification includes the following three (3) modules:

Call to Register:561-571-2468

Next Course Will Take Place on:

Date: TBA

Course Title: Accelerated Basics Course

Location1 West Camino Real, Suite 111, Boca Raton, FL 33432

Times: Saturday - 8am to 6pm & Sunday - 9am to 2pm

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