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This is what some of our patients are saying:

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Steven S. 


For the general population and even within the profession itself, chiropractic is misunderstood and often misrepresented.  As a student myself, I did not really grasp the true concept of my aspiring profession.  Through a classmate, I sought out care from Dr. Evan Hasson with cautious yet optimistic expectations.  It has proven to be one of the better decisions I have made in a long time.  Not only did he give me high quality care, he reinvigorated my passion for chiropractic.  His enthusiasm for Upper Cervical work clearly shows in the results that I have experienced.  Initially I was hoping to regain Range of Motion in my neck and possible help with mild dizziness.  These goals were met and, as the days went by, I noticed a myriad of benefits that I never expected.  By seeing Dr. Evan Hasson, I have regained what I never knew was missing: my vitality.  It is hard to explain but the best way I could put it is that I feel healthy.  I could never go back to living my life without Upper Cervical care and this experience has shown me the path that I wish to take in my profession. I hope to one day be able to pass on the life-changing care that I have received from Dr. Hasson.  

Dawn A.


"I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Evan Hasson. I came to him seeking chiropractic care because I had nowhere else to turn. I had been suffering from almost daily migraines, unexplainable weight gain and uncontrolled menstrual cycles. Dr. Hasson was able to change my quality of life from a very deplorable outlook to one that makes me excited to get up in the morning. There is not enough good things that I can say about him.


My migraines had me regulated to my bed pretty much all of the time. I needed to have total darkness to keep my headache at bay. After Dr. Hasson started my specific Upper Cervical adjustments my migraines went away almost immediately. Once he had my migraines under control we discussed my diet. He asked me in February of 2014 to cut out gluten as much as possible. By June of 2014, I had lost forty pounds. I was so thankful for his suggestion because my medical doctor when I first visited told me that I was quite obese and that I needed gastric bypass. My medical doctor didn’t even want to listen to the fact that I don’t overeat and that I actually have to force myself to eat. Thank God for Dr. Hasson! He was able to distinguish what was going on in my body. Changing my eating habits also helped in regulating my menstrual cycles.  Dr. Hasson truly cares for his patients! He just doesn’t care about adjusting a person and sending them out the door. He wants to know what makes his patients excited about life. He wants to take care of the whole person! I recommend Dr. Hasson to any patient that is thinking about chiropractic!"




Santa E. 


"I came in because my neck was bothering me. I found myself constantly rubbing my neck and shoulders, then my lower back began to cause discomfort. I have been to other chiropractors before, and although I got relief, the benefits didn't last as long, as with the technique Dr. Hasson uses. His technique is very gentle and most importantly there is no rotation of the neck. Dr. Hasson has helped me with more than just my posture. One time I was constipated, and within a few hours of my adjustment I felt much better. My back muscles relax, and my neck stopped aching. The benefits of being under upper cervical care have surprised me. And Dr. Hasson is very good at what he does. He is very caring and dedicated to getting his patients well. I thank him for what he's done for me. Thank You Dr. Hasson!"




Kathy M. 


"I would like praise Evan and his methods of treatment  I seen blood pressure change, hip sciatic nerve pain going down my leg go away, I looked forward to my treatments each time. He has nothing but the best outlook on your health intended.  Thank you Evan!"




Gregory L. 


"First, I think it is only proper for me to introduce the reason I, myself, started chiropractic education and subsequently chiropractic care under the supervision of Evan Hasson.  My problem was a slow developing one that started while earning my Bachelor’s, I had been sitting for 50+ hours a week and that did not include studying.  I had started to become tired, achy, mentally clouded, and had a feeling that my overall wellbeing as a human being had become compromised.  I was just feeling awful, and I allowed it to happen for years as I finished my Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry and prepared to go into scientific research, but then something had stopped me from jumping into the career I had studied so hard and wanted so badly to become a part of.  That something was what I now know as an atlas subluxation.  After undergraduate study I began talking to multiple chiropractors in my area, and I had learned enough to know that I wanted to learn more about this chiropractic thing… A LOT MORE! I applied to Palmer college of Chiropractic, was accepted, and moved to Florida!  Still feeling awful, I thought the heat would make me feel better, it didn’t.  Anyhow, one day at school we were setting up our upper cervical, toggle, adjustments and I decided to volunteer to be patient for the teacher to demonstrate the technique on.  So I lay down on my side, and thank god it happened to be the side that my misalignment was on because I turned pale white, got a little dizzy, began profusely sweating then told the teacher, who obviously knew what was wrong, I needed to sit back up. That is when a friend in class gave me the number of Evan Hasson who took amazing care of me at Palmer’s Florida clinic! It can’t go without mentioning that I had a previous clinician who I left in hopes of relief under a different method of care. Before seeing Evan, I had a feeling like the blood was trapped inside my head and my face was getting hot all the time. I also had headaches that would come and go, accompanied by the achiness and general feeling of fatigue. Upon arriving to the clinic, Evan began his exam with vital signs and found that my blood pressure was unusually high (157/99).  Evan finished the physical exam, took x-rays, analyzed the x-rays, adjusted me and allowed me to, rest for 40 minutes, all under 2 hours! Upon examination of the x-rays, Evan measured a subluxation at the C1 (atlas) vertebra.  Evan used a specific technique to move the bone into normal anatomical position.  Upon reanalysis of my blood pressure, 10 minutes post adjustment, Evan found that his adjustment had decreased it significantly, from (157/99) to (134/88).  In just one adjustment, I was not only relieved of the feeling that there was tension in my neck and blood trapped in my head, but had begun to feel much better throughout all aspects of everyday life.  I can truly say Evan’s care has made my life significantly better.  I have been feeling well rested and ready to take on the world, only after I have been given my life back through chiropractic care!"





Hilary H. 


March 31, 2010 is a day I will never forget. I was involved in a very serious rollover motor vehicle accident where I suffered a punctured lung, skull fracture, and many other serious injuries. After the injuries healed I was left with frequent migraines and sinus infections which I never experienced prior to the accident.  However, under the care of Dr. Hasson I got my life back. Where I once suffered from sinus infections 1-2x a month and multiple migraines per day, I am now migraine and sinus infection free and can enjoy my life and focus on the things that matter instead of having my symptoms impact my daily living. Yes, some may say I am “biased” as Dr. Hasson is also my husband; however, I say I am lucky because I have experienced firsthand the wonderful gift of upper cervical chiropractic care and the impact it has had on my life, and my family’s life. If it were not for Dr. Hasson I would still be hiding under my covers trying to mask the light (the light inside to function fully and the light literally because lights triggered my migraines) and living off of my neti pot instead of embracing all that life has to offer.  Thanks again Dr. Hasson for checking  my atlas and eliminating my vertebral subluxation one small adjustment at a time.






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