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New Doctor in Town

There is a New Doctor in Town and he is doing something different!

Dr. Evan J. Hasson is a unique type of Chiropractor. He can help you get better regardless of the symptoms you have!

Do you have pain?

Do you have headaches?

Do you have MS?

Do you have a sore throat?

Do you have neck pain or back pain?

Do you have eye or ear issues?

Do you have breathing issues?

Do you have focusing issues?

Do you have anything going on with your health?

If we are experiencing health issues, it is imporant to take a step back and THINK!

What is the cause of our health issues? Why are we sick? What controls our body's health?

You are probably thinking that there are TOO many factors that contribute to your health and well being. Well, you're right, but lets simplify.

Listen closely:

Your brain and nervous system control your entire body. If your nervous system controls EVERYTHING then what happens if we stress it, or get in the way?

Our nervous system can be stressed in THREE ways

The thoughts we think (good, bad, and the ugly, etc.)

The toxins we consume (foods, water, air, etc.)

The traumas ( daily life and normal movements, slips and falls, growing up, etc.)

So how does Dr. Evan J. Hasson help people regardless of symptoms?

Well, he objectively locates stress to your nervous system and corrects it by hand. Once corrected, your nervous system is clearer and ready to run your entire body with greater efficiency and efficacy. With a clearer nervous system, you can EXPECT better health, less pain, less suffering, and more LIFE.

Everyone should be examined for stress to their nervous system. It could change your life more than you ever could image.

"You don't know what you don't know until you learn something that you didn't know."

Contact Specific Chiropractic in East Boca Raton, 561-571-2468.

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