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Working With The Law!

Go grab your car keys.

Hold those keys up in front of you... LET THEM GO!

What happened to those keys? They fell to the ground, right?

Did you know they were going to fall to the ground? If you did, how did you know?

Because the Law of Gravity tells us that when we drop things, they fall.

Laws Everywhere

Take a piece of your favorite steak - cut it up! Now, put that steak on top of the counter and leave it alone for a few days... What happens to that steak after days of sitting out?

Does the steak heal from all the cuts?

(the answer is no!)

Now, remember the times in life when you accidently cut your arm, finger, leg (minor cuts, not ER cuts). You probably rinsed the cut, cleaned it out, and maybe put a bandaid on it. After you allow some time - it healed. Did you tell your wound to heal? Did you go to the LIBRARY to learn how to heal a cut or wound?

(the answer should be no!)

Did you know your wound was going to heal? If you did, how did you know?

Because it's the Law...

When you pick up a piece of fruit, YOU choose to chew it and YOU choose to swallow it.

Who or what determines how the fruit is broken up and digested?

Who or what determines where the nutrients go within your body?

Who or what determines the fate of this fruit once swallowed?

Can you go to the LIBRARY and study how to digest your own food and distribute the nutrients to all the TRILLIONS of cells within you?

(the answer is no!)

You can study the science and physiology books to see how our bodies do it, we can take medications to manipulate how your body does it, but we can not control how our body actually peforms all these tasks.

Can you imagine having complete conscious control of your own digestions?

Can you imagine having complete conscious control of pumping your own heart, or exchanging gases in your lungs to give you oxygen, all while telling your arms and legs to walk? We could not do it...

So, what controls all of these functions... who is really in charge?

The Law

- Your nervous system is in charge.

- Your brain controls all life's function through your spinal cord and nerves.

- Your spinal cord is protected by your neck and back bones.

- Your neck and back bones misalign and put stress to your nervous system and therefore LIFE!

This is called a vertebral subluxation.

- We assess segments of your neck and back for vertebral subluxations that are interferring with your nervous system and affecting your life.

We correct this problem very well.

Our patients, and people like you and me get well from what we do!

Tell your friends, and family. You can help to better their lives.

There is a new doctor in town!

Always True,

Dr. Evan J. Hasson


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