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7 Easy Tips That Will Help You Avoid Neck and Back Problems

1. Stop sitting on your wallet.

If you notice your wallet is thicker than your burger -

therein lies the problem.

The way I see it, you have 3 options:

  1. Keep it thin.

  2. Keep it in your front pocket (only if its thin enough)

  3. Get a fanny pack.

If you're a woman and carry a purse or pocketbook I would suggest alternating shoulders to help distribute the weight. It may feel uncomfortable at first -- but it may save you from future aches and pains due to chronic use!

2. Drink clean water, and drink it often.

Your body is comprised of 70% + water. If you're not hydrated properly, you're stressing your entire body - nervous system, muscles, joints, and organs. Go drink water.

3. Everyone has time to move, get up and go for a walk.

Studies have shown that people who sit, or lay down too much have weaker back muscles, and an increased risk for all sorts of problems. Including the type that affect your neck and back.

4. Get your spine and nervous system examined by a Specific Chiropractor

A vertebral subluxation may affect your health in many different ways. Your neck and back really are the "backbone" of your life. With your spine misaligned you may be putting stress to your entire nervous system - which can cause many secondary effects and symptoms throughout your body. What are symptoms of stress to your nervous system? Find out here.

5. Don't be a stomach sleeper.

Most people that sleep on their stomach must have their heads turned one way or the other to breathe - while in this position it may cause prolonged stress to your neck and spinal cord. This may be the reason why stomach sleepers usually wake up stiff. Don't be a stomach sleeper.

6. Take time to stretch your hips, abs, back, and hamstrings.

A little stretching here and there can go a long way in improving circulation, flexibility, and overall well being.

7. You need to smile more!

You instantly decrease your overall stress levels by turning your frowns upside down. Other reasons to smile include: releasing endorphins in your brain that make you feel better and live better, you will attract happier people, you will spread your smile to others due to its contagious nature. People who smile are generally better off in life and health. You can literally change the world by smiling. #KeepSmiling

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