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Why is My Body Always Weak?

"One shoulder is higher than the other"

"My torso feels twisted"

"My hips feel off"

"My head feels cloudy"

We can go on forever with varying statements made by those unknowingly suffering from the Atlas Subluxation.

You brain and spinal cord are considered to be the Central Nervous System and master regulator of your entire body. Your skull, neck, and back bones protect this delicate control center -- but what happens if the bones in your upper neck misalign?

Atlas Subluxation.

The top bone in your neck - at the base of your skull is must vulnerable to becoming misaligned and causing dysfunction through out your body. An Atlas Subluxation can interfere with immune system health, nervous system health, muscle health, and even mood and behavioral health.

If you or someone you know wants to live better, function better, and be better --

Consider seeing an Upper Cervical Specific Chiropractor for an assessment of your neck and nervous system.

NUCCA Boca Raton, Upper Cervical Boca Raton

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