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Muscle Pain Relief in Boca Raton

In Boca Raton, we have helped many people that were dealing with muscle pain, soreness, and spasms. There are causes for muscle pain and we are going to outline a few.

Here is a list of potential causes for muscle pain that we have noticed:

1. You're not drinking enough clean water. Yes, dehydration can make your muscles stiff, spasm, and lead to pain.

2. You're taking vitamins that are poor quality. Do you buy vitamins from local drug store, or bulk purchase stores? That may not be your best option. Vitamins are not as regulated as medications -- and you see how many recalls the FDA orchestrates due to public safety. Get better vitamins. Seek out an expert and contact our office to speak to our doctors.

3. You're eating too much sugar, grains, starches and processed foods. BUT how can food hurt my muscles? What ever you put in your body affects/effects your body. If you took a regular over the counter medication for pain and inflammation like Advil/Ibuprofen or Tylenol/Acetaminophen , the side affects may include kidney, and liver damage. If you eat processed sugars, over time this can cause joint pain, muscle pain, arthritis, and in many cases cancer. Watch what you eat, limit/eliminate processed food intake for a month -- and see what happens.

Now, the last item is (in my opinion) the most important part. Everyone's body shifts out of alignment. Like a car, if you do not get proper maintenance it will start breaking down and will get worse until you get your car the care it needs. Like wise, if your body shifted out of alignment (it can happen gradually since childhood) you will get worse and worse until you get the care you need, which is an adjustment! So one of the major causes of pain, and soreness is attributed to your body's alignment and posture.

Specific Chiropractic can help your body's alignment -- if you're well adjusted you can expect pain, soreness, and muscle spasms to be less and even disappear (in most people). Your body will be able to adapt to things you encounter in daily life much better.

We guarantee it.

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Dr. Evan J. Hasson

Specific Chiropractic Physician

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