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Functional Specific Chiropractic

What the patients are saying:



Chiropractors are utilizing Functional Specific Chiropractic technique and procedures in their practice. The results are astounding, and the patients are getting better without the use of medication, surgery, or therapy.


Helping sick people get well and stay well is our passion. We are sharing these testimonial excerpts with you because we want more doctors to learn what we do and how they can implement these procedures in their practice. Full and originial testimonials are avaliable at Specific Chiropractic in Boca Raton, Fl or at the office of the contributing doctor.

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"...under the caring hands of this "Specific Chiropractor", my shoulder has been pain-free, and my neck no longer feels like it is carrying a watermelon. As an added bonus, the bouts of vertigo I had been experiencing (and never even mentioned to anyone) have also disappeared...I am definitely not a skeptic any longer when it comes to my specific chiropractic care, and I just wanted to thank you for your excellent services."  Judy P.

"I had severe neck pain, stiff and ropy neck muscles and problems with the movement of my neck...I am no longer experiencing neck pain, stiffness, nor ropy neck muscles. My neck is looser and back to how it should be with no issues...Any individual no matter their age should come seek assistance with their issues." Maxwell C.

“I had a severe backwards fall on April 29, 2015. After the accident, I had a period of rapid aging. Being under this chiropractic care has helped my memory and my entire body return to health. Since my very first visit, I felt myself returning to my condition before my accident. As a matter of fact, I’m doing even better than before my accident.”  Arlene B.


“I was surprised by how such a deceivingly gentle adjustment could actually be so focused and powerful…  I’ve been to other chiropractors before and had them do all kinds of grand maneuvers on me, and yet none of them even come close to the amazing results I’ve gotten under this care.”  Pete H.


“I’ve had such a great experience being under this type of care. The pain in my low back that I’ve suffered with for so long feels like it was never there.  I would HIGHLY recommend this technique to anybody and everybody.”  Dan M.


“I admit that I was skeptical at first of this different approach, but as it turns out, this care has worked better for me than anything else I’ve ever tried. My headaches are completely gone as well as the pain in my left knee (which I never even thought could be related to my nervous system). I’m so grateful for my wonderful doctor and this great way of taking care of people. Thank you for turning my power back on!”  Donna R.


“After my car accident 4 years back, I had constant pain and ringing in my ears. I’ve been to a chiropractor before and it helped some with my shoulder and back pain, but my ears were never the same again. After my very first adjustment with this type of care, my ear pain and ringing were gone by the time I got out to my car! I couldn’t believe it! I had to run back in to tell the doctor! As an added bonus, when I got home I noticed that I could read the teeny tiny words in the newspaper without my glasses!”  Ellen K.


“…is the most gentle adjustment I’ve ever experienced in my entire life and I always feel so great afterwards. I would recommend this care to absolutely everyone.”  Lorraine S.


“My sciatica pain is completely relieved and my husband’s back pain has also vanished. Thank you so much for your amazing care!”  Monica W.


“Not only has my hip pain gone away, but I also feel healthier than I have in a long time. I always leave the office with a super sense of well-being that I haven’t felt since my college days.”  Kathy C.


“I can feel my entire body shifting back to how it’s supposed to be. I had all kinds of pain in my lower body pain before and it’s all gotten better. I am truly amazed at how much better I feel. Thank you.”  Andy S. 


“On top of my neck and shoulder feeling way better, I feel so much more energized!”  Vickie D.


“…love this care. I have no more pain in my shoulder and lower back. Thank you so much!”  Carol B.


“My knee is doing so much better. I thought I would have this problem forever. What a blessing to have found this chiropractic care.”  Ed B.


“I thought I was doing good before, but now I feel even better. I’m more focused and centered in everything I do. Thank you.”  Stacey S.


“My back and neck are both pain free. I am extremely pleased with my chiropractic care. It really exceeded my expectations.”  Helen S.


“I had a very wonderful and encouraging experience under this type of chiropractic care. I suffered from terrible migraines for so long that I was beginning to think I would be stuck like this for the rest of my life. After just a short time, my migraines have gone away and I couldn’t be more ecstatic. I absolutely love this technique and I think everybody needs to know about it!” Maggie P.


“… the numbness in my fingers has not come back since I started care. I couldn’t have dreamed of better results. I feel like a new person. I’m so happy with this better approach to healthcare.”  Lissette A.

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